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'Big Hero 6' to the rescue at new-look Tokyo film festival
TOKYO (Reuters) - Hello Kitty and Doraemon anime characters strutted their stuff on the red carpet on Thursday, as Disney's "Big Hero 6" kicked off a new-look Tokyo film festival that taps into Japan's love of animation.
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'American Idol' singer Clay Aiken seeks win in first political bid
ASHEBORO N.C. (Reuters) - "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken is back on tour. This time he is trying to win over North Carolina voters with his political chops rather than his voice, and he has less than two weeks left to do it.
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U2 album stumbles in Billboard chart after free iTunes debut
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - U2's controversial free album on Apple's iTunes had a less than stellar performance once released for commercial sale, coming in at No. 9 in its first week on the Billboard 200 album chart on Wednesday.
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A Minute With: Shailene Woodley on teen sex, violence and Marvel
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - For actress Shailene Woodley, transitioning from her teen years into adulthood in Hollywood was an emotional experience.
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Sax and the City: Kenny G hits sour note in China with Hong Kong visit
BEIJING (Reuters) - Best-selling U.S. jazz musician Kenny G struck a bum note in China when he appeared among Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters, prompting the country's foreign ministry to warn foreigners to keep their noses out.
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Animated robots, trolls and the dead dig up new film fans
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - An oversized personal health-care robot assistant might seem out of place next to the princesses and furry animals that have won over legions of fans, young and old, in animated films.
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Filming in fear: Edward Snowden as 'Citizenfour'
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. documentary maker Laura Poitras has found herself in many a risky situation in Iraq and Yemen. But she never felt in as much danger as when she was filming Edward Snowden in a Hong Kong hotel while he prepared to blow the whistle on massive secret surveillance programs run by the U.S. government.
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Popular Mexican musician shot dead in cartel-riddled northwest
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A member of Banda el Recodo, a traditional Mexican band also popular in the United States, was found dead from a gunshot to the neck on Wednesday in the northwestern Mexican resort city of Mazatlan, the group and local authorities said.
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Blogs, videos and verse: an Iraqi poet's quest to heal her homeland
LONDON (Reuters) - Iraqi-born poet Amal al-Jubouri may not have the Hollywood recognition of Angelina Jolie, but both women are artists who have decided to use their talents and profile to help the victims of war.
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Argentine luthier turns beat-up skateboards into electric guitars
BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Working a pedal-powered carpentry machine, Argentine luthier Ezequiel Galasso is giving beat-up skateboards a new lease on life, recycling them into electric guitars coveted by the likes of American rock band Pearl Jam.
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